"Growth Mindset"
Students discuss situations that are difficult at first but if they use a Growth Mindset they will often earn success by never giving up and working hard on a skill until they are successful. Using Google Docs, students brainstormed what a Growth Mindset means to them, an academic goal for the year, and their plan to achieve the goal using a growth mindset. Students used Wixie (an online version of Pixie) to create an illustration of their Growth Mindset example. The green screen video was then combined with the student illustration and turned into a class video.

"Johnny Appleseed Adventures"

Students gain a background of information from classroom discussion about Johnny Appleseed. Students used Pixie/Wixie to create an illustration of Johnny Appleseed as he traveled through the wilderness. Then students wrote a caption for their illustration. Next, students recorded their voice to narrate their sentence and illustration. The project was converted into a movie. The individual student movies were then combined into a class movie using iMovie.

Seasons Through the Senses
Students are given a 6 slide powerpoint template. There is a title page and one page for each sense. Students will import an appropriate picture that represents the specific sense for the season they were assigned. Then they type a sentence in a text box to explain how the picture represents that sense. Students will narrate their own sentences. Student projects are then combined into a class movie.